All the aesthetic universe always
dreamed of one equipment.

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Infinite protocols that only a very
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The DermeClean® INFINITY DIGITAL equipment is the 5th generation of DERMIUS® line of ultrasound equipment and enables a wide range of aesthetic procedures until then only possible with the combination of different equipment and different technologies.
DermeClean<sup>®</sup> Infinity Digital

The DermeClean technology

The epithelial tissue is rich in proteins that are located in the keratinized layers, through the patented technology of DermeClean, the ultrasonic waves are propagated through the attraction of protein generating a vibration of water molecules contained in the cell. This molecular vibration generates a thermal effect, dehydrating the cells in the area treated by the transducers tips developed by DERMIUS for each type of procedure, drying out the cells and generating a healing process with the formation of a crust, when the crust is detached from the tissue will take with it the pigment or aged tissue, thus stimulating the cells of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, giving support to the skin through the healing process.

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Pedro Ricardo Paulino– CEO


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